The House

Can I drink the water from the tub?

We have one of the best water qualities of the world! ... and it is free!

Do you have a baby bed? baby chair?

- We have 2 baby besds: 1x wood, 1 x travel bed (always a challenge to build it!)
- 3 baby chairs
Take a look to our Extras!

How can I seperate the garbage?

Yes, please - do that!
Its a bit tricky - here is the instruction!

Around the house - Igls

Where is the bus station?

Just to the meain street - up to RATHAUS!
Take a look!

Are there playgrounds for children?

There are many around - take a look to my Info-Site

What is around the house - what can I reach per food?

  • Bus station - to Innsbruck - or Patscher Kofel: 7 min

  • Walking over the fields - just enjoy nature: 5 min

  • Restaurants in Igls: 10 min into the village

  • Pharmacy: 7 min

  • Shop SPAR: 8 min

  • Tourist Office: 9 min

  • ATM: 10 min

  • Backery: 8 min

Where can I go for a coffee? a drink? for dinner?

Here I tried to give an overview what is offered in Igls: Klick!

Innsbruck and more